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About Us

International Business & Information Technology Institute


About IBIT Academy

IBIT Academy has launched a number of Sri Lankan online training courses since its inception in 2019 and we are pleased to announce that there are successful students not only in Sri Lanka but also abroad. Our institutions have an experienced faculty who pay close attention to the after-services of our students.


To become Number one organization for bringing forth the highest e-entrepreneurs, as well as to create the best online platform in the field of goods and services trading in the Asia Region.


Introduce an innovative market for local and international goods and services providing continuous knowledge/fraining with latest technologies and methodologies to e-entrepreneurs and also to bring forth No.1 e-entrepreneurs in the world.

Why IBIT Academy

IBIT is the leader in E Entrepreneurship education provider in the Asian region and with an island wide coverage of all communities. This gives wide platform for E Entrepreneurs togetherness while connecting people across multi-national, multi-culture, multi-professional, multi-entrepreneurial Individuals from every corner of the island IBIT is the leader in Sri Lanka to host a virtual E Entrepreneurship community. It connects people, businesses and professionals to explore greater heights in e business markets. With IBIT you will be able to join both local and international e business markets, thereby expanding and acquiring a wealth of knowledge that would help you grow. IBIT largely believes in E Entrepreneurship industry current skills acquisition. That is why we offer all our students to other skills development and learning opportunities.No matter what industry you are currently functioning in, needless to say the E business markets are tough and competition is immense. But within the IBIT community, you can enjoy opportunity to grow with zero business competition. You can keep focusing on how best improve and enhance your e business.

IBIT Opportunities & Benefits

Basic & Advanced Revisions

Latest updates relevant to your courses and innovations to your sucess.

IBIT Workshop

Students who have successfully completed through Dropshioping can exchange their knowledge in groups.

IBIT Online Support

All IBIT Students are in a position to get solutions for their problem through telegram online system.

Live Sessions

You can connect with our teacher online everyday from 3:30PM to 5:30 PM in order to solve your problems.


Opportunity participate to motivate programmed, free of charge.

Free Access to IBIT LMS

We provide facilities for you to access our websites and see lessons again and again to get solve your problems.

IBIT E-Entrepreneurs Club

After becoming a member you will have opportunities to get highest benefits including tours to Asian and Western Countries.

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